"What to See When Parasailing in Panama City Beach" over an image of someone parasailing

What to See When Parasailing in Panama City Beach

If parasailing in PCB is part of your plans, then you’re in for some adventures! There are few things more fun than getting a chance to fly over the Emerald Gulf. But what exactly will you get to see on your parasail ride behind a speeding boat? We’ll break down the full parasailing experience for you below!

In the Water:

One of the first things you’ll get to notice as you fly in your parasail is that you’ll have a completely clear view of the Gulf and all that swims within it. This means that a huge diversity of fish can be seen on the ride all year round due to efforts by Panama City Beac hto sustain their natural reefs. You can also see dolphins, making for a great experience! People surfing and swimming can be seen as well enjoying their own adventures. After parasailing, if you want to go surf near the fish that you now know the location of, rentals are available!

On the Shore:

As you fly, you’ll also get to see many different shores. The shore of Panama City Beach will have clean, white-quartz sand with many people out enjoying the sun. They’ll also be watching you parasail off the back of a boat. You’ll also be parasailing in PCB along some of the most beautiful condo rentals by the Gulf. Besides the shores of Panama City Beach, you can also see the shell-covered beaches of Shell Island. As you parasail, take a look at how many people are there as you fly by. To make your trip to Panama City Beach a truly memorable experience, be sure to take a shuttle over to Shell Island to collect some perfectly shaped sand dollars!

In the Air:

Besides dolphins and Shell Island, you’ll also get to experience what it’s like to fly behind a boat! Depending on your collective size, you can even have up to two other friends with you in the harness. If being up in the air isn’t part of your family or friends list of adventures, they can always just ride along! Besides seeing your friends and family enjoying the boat ride, you can also see the water up close through something called a “dip.” People who’ve visited Panama City Beach describe this as the highlight of their adventures. What we do is take you as you ride behind the boat and slowly drag you through the water. You can have multiple dips if you request it. Or none at all, it’s really up to you.

Now that you know what to expect once you get to Panama City Beach, we hope to see you soon!