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Shell Island Tours in Panama City Beach

Shell Island in Panama City Bay is one of the best examples of the gorgeous world that exists in Florida outside of the theme parks. It’s the Florida that has drawn visitors here for generations. Beautiful, wild and pristine.An undeveloped barrier island off the coast of Panama City Beach, Shell Island is around 7 miles long from east to west. It is known for its sand dunes and its scrub forests, pine hammocks, and its lovely inland lake. The variety of ecosystems on the island supports many different types of wildlife including deer, nesting shorebirds, ghost crabs, and a variety of endangered species, like green and loggerhead turtles.

When we take you and your group on a tour of Shell Island, you’ll see wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and views that will take your breath away. You’ll have opportunities to stop and collect shells, relax privately on a beach, or just sit and enjoy being in a world where humans haven’t yet developed the land.

Whatever you want to see when you tour Shell Island, the guides at Aquatic Adventures will help you find it. They are all local to Panama City Beach, and are familiar with the places that everyone likes to see, as well as the more secluded areas that feel almost private.

One thing to remember about Shell Island: because the area is undeveloped, the island doesn’t have restrooms, concession stands, or other manmade features. If you want food or beverages, you’ll need to bring them with you. To preserve the natural beauty of the area, it’s important that you make sure to bring out everything that you brought in, such as empty bottles or food wrappers.

Visit Shell Island during your Panama City Beach vacation and enjoy the natural beauty of the untouched landscape. For your convenience, you can book online now using this page’s calendar feature showing prices and availability. You can also give us a call or stop by our location at Lighthouse Marina on N. Lagoon Drive in Panama City Beach, Florida and discover the serene and tranquil beauty of Shell Island!