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Boat Dolphin Tours in Panama City Beach

You’ve watched those curious bottlenose dolphins on the Discovery channel. Your kids have seen every dolphin movie ever filmed. And now you’d like to experience these fascinating marine mammals in their wild habitat. You can!FUNPCB offers dolphin tours that will get you your close up with these amazing creatures. Watch their silly antics as they body surf in the boat’s wake. Smile at the interaction between a mother and baby. Marvel as you watch them catch fish in the shallow waters of St. Andrews Bay. With one of the highest and most concentrated populations of wild bottlenose dolphins in the world, the Gulf of Mexico makes it easy to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

On our Dolphin Cruise, you’ll go skimming across the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. On our way to Shell Island, the Captain and crew will point out sights and areas of interest along the scenic beaches of Panama City Beach. You’ll see coastal seabirds and an abundant mix of marine wildlife including sea turtles and perhaps even a shark.

Once we’ve reached the dolphins, you’ll enjoy watching them feed and play around the Shell Island waters. And don’t forget to bring your camera — you’ll want to make sure you can share this amazing adventure with everyone!

Our tours are a great family experience. They also make a wonderful corporate activity. Looking for something a little more romantic? Book one of our sunset tours. Experience the thrill of watching dolphins and the breathtaking beauty of a Florida sunset over the Gulf of Mexico with your special someone.

Whether you’re a Panama City Beach resident, a traveler on vacation, or need to book a unique group experience, call us today or book online using our convenient calendar option.