"Things to do for a Panama City Beach Fathers Day" over an image of a father holding his toddler looking at the waves

Things to Do for a Panama City Beach Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up this June 17th, and what better gift is there for your dad than a trip to Panama City Beach? With its Emerald beaches and beautiful white sands, you’ll find that it may be one of your most memorable father’s days yet! There are so many events and things to do with your father in Panama City Beach that we’ve gone ahead and made a list of them down below!

  1. Shell Island

A family trip to Shell Island always makes for a great day out! The reason for this is that it’s almost entirely undeveloped. This means you’ll need to pack all your things before going to the island. However, you can do things like play volleyball, make sand castles, and swim in the Gulf with your family with no condos or high rises around. Even though it’s not technically an island, it still makes for an amazing family photo spot. It’s definitely a different experience to the rest of PCB, making for a unique trip for any father.

  1. Resort Exploration

Panama City Beach is famous for their massive coastal resorts! Most of them won’t have any issues with you and your father walking through and exploring. Depending on the resort, you may even be able to use their pool for free! Events may also be going on within them. The common less-than-legal method is resort hopping, where you pretend you can’t find your keycode. Friendly people will generally open the gate for you, and you can just travel down the coast of PCB with your dad enjoying all the available pools at each resort.

  1. Renting out a Pontoon

A more well rounded visit with your dad could include a pontoon rental! This is because you can cover everything fun in Panama City Beach in a single day. You can travel out with your family and explore Shell Island on your own. You could also do things like travel down the coast of PCB, go fishing together, or even go swimming with dolphins! Spending time out on the Emerald Gulf with your father on your own pontoon is as Panama City Beach you can get.

Planning a Father’s day trip to Panama City Beach is going to result in a memorable experience no matter what you decide to do. The list here is more for showing general ways to enjoy PCB, but more specific events will be occurring as well. The most common types of events here in PCB are live music and drink deals. If you know of any other ways to enjoy Father’s Day in PCB, please comment them down below for others to find and enjoy!