"Things to do in Panama City Beach for Couples" over a couple's silhouette in front of a sun

Things to Do in Panama City Beach for Couples

Panama City Beach is well known for its fun activities, amazingly white beach, and Emerald Gulf. In this, there are many romantic things to do in Panama City Beach that will top your list during your vacation. Below, we’ll go into the top 3 things to do in Panama City Beach for couples!

  1. Take One of the Tours to Shell Island

Shell Island is at the top of the most romantic places to go in Panama City Beach while on vacation. Tours there are also incredibly fun and interesting! Its undeveloped shores are covered in all types of shells, including sand dollars. A romantic idea could be to take some home and make shell necklaces or some other type of craft together. The tours to Shell Island also cover the history of the Gulf and some smaller places to go and things to do while on your vacation. If you can help it, try experiencing the tours during the off-season. This will make the already remote spot much more remote and romantic, almost like your own personal beach. You might even be able to experience individualized tours if you’re the only ones on the boat!

  1. Rent Out a Pontoon Boat

Why take one of the tours to Shell Island when you can invent your own tours to whatever places you want together? Pontoons are guaranteed to make any vacation to the Gulf full of unique, memorable, and romantic activities. Whether you want to go fishing together, explore all of the sights, enjoy a picnic out in the Gulf, or even swim with dolphins, pontoons provide it all.

  1. Check Out Pier Park

Perhaps the busiest of all the things to do in Panama City Beach for couples, Pier Park offers creatively themed shops and classically romantic activities such as ice cream and gift shops and reasonable prices. Close to the top of the list for any vacation to Panama City Beach, Pier Park is one of those places where you go to just enjoy time together- half in the AC and half outside in the beautiful weather. There are also streetcar tours and plenty of parking so you can cover all of Pier Park in one day.


These are our top three things to do in Panama City Beach for couples. What activities and places to go do you have planned or would recommend for your own vacation? Please let everyone know down below!