"Fishing in Panama City Beach in August" over an image of a father and daughter shore fishing

Panama City Beach Fishing in August

Panama City Beach is famous in Florida for its fishing, and August is a great time to come out and see it for yourself! We’ll help you out below by listing all the best species available here in Panama City Beach, as well as some advice on how to catch them, where they can be found, and recommendations on charters! While most of these species can be caught all throughout the day, the early mornings encourage the upcoming catch to chase after your lures more often because of the lowered boat traffic and difficulty in identifying bait due to it being darker out! It also gives you some comfortable weather before the onset of the Florida heat. With the quick universal advice out of the way, let’s check out the species!

Fish: Amberjack

Advice: August is the start of the downhill to the Amberjack season, which ends in November. Amberjacks love being in being safe deep in structures, so it’s necessary to lure them out for a bite. Each captain has their own special bait cocktail for this, or you can ask local PCB gear distributors for their preferred method. Keep in mind that if you’re fishing for Amberjack, they’re going to be pulling hard, so hold on tight!
Location: Above underwater wrecks and structures. Local guides know all the best spots off the coast!
Boating: We offer deep sea fishing charters if you would like to have a knowledgeable captain travel with you out to the hidden reefs and wrecks! Or you can take out a pontoon boat and go fishing on your own schedule!

Fish: Blackfin Tuna

Advice: August is the start of the Blackfin Tuna season this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its the ideal time to go travel out hooking. While you’re out in the PCB Gulf, try to see where others are getting the Blackfin Tuna at then go back later in September and October!
Location: Much like Amberjack, Blackfin Tuna like to swim around under water wrecks and reefs. Again, you should talk to the local gear rentals and captains about where you should be boating off the coast for them.
Boating: If you’re interested in catching this species, let one of our captains know and we’ll bring you out! We usually go for the Amberjack in those areas, but we can accommodate if you’d like! You can also rent out a pontoon if you’re looking to travel out yourself!

Fish: King Mackerel

Advice: King Mackerel is one of the best tasting and largest mackerels available, reaching up to 40 pounds! Make sure to bring some heavy gauge wire to that your line doesn’t snap from their sharp teeth!
Location: King Mackerel are relatively easy to find, being caught at the end of any pier in Panama City Beach. The pier everyone goes to is at Pier Park, but it’s recommended you only go there in the early morning this time of year because of all the tourists. Other piers can be found along the coast of PCB, but public parking is sparse. Because of this, we recommend parking at one of the docks where you can travel near the piers with a rental pontoon or skiff.
Boating: We have trolling trips out to get King Mackeral that we would love for you to join in on! If you prefer not to travel with groups, you could also rent out one of our pontoon boats and go trolling on your own! However, when fishing these monsters, all you need to do is cast early in the day right off the end of a pier!

Fish: Redfish

Advice: Redfish are available year round and are some of the most well known in Florida for fishing in Panama City Beach. Be sure to check near every pier, the docks, and bridges by the inlet to catch the bulls! Some Panama City Beach redfish get over 30 pounds, so get ready for a fight by bringing plenty of water to go along with the Florida heat!
Location: The largest are found at the deepest sections of the inlet from the Gulf into St. Andrews Bay!
Boating: Redfish has the most abundant amount of charters available in Panama City Beach, so you’re almost guaranteed to get out boating. You should still make a reservation in advance though, this species is in high demand! If you’re not interested in going along with a charter, pontoon boat rentals are a great alternative!

Fish: Trout

Advice: If you’re looking tor trout, August isn’t the only time they’re biting, its year round! Its also all throughout the day! Interestingly, while nearly all the fish are best caught in the early mornings, these guys like to come out to the heat in noon. Because of this, pay special attention to bring extra water, since it’s incredibly hot out at this time.
Location: Warm water areas within St. Andrews Bay. One of the best spots in Florida for this is outside the large paper mill, where hot water is discharged that the trout just swarm to!
Boating: Though the mill offers a great place to reel these guys in, no boats are necessary! Just like the King Mackerel, these guys can be caught right off the end of a pier! The only difference is that trout tend to stay within the bay while the Mackerel are out in the Gulf of PCB.

That wraps up the main fishing that will be going on in August! If you are interested in anything else, such as gear rentals, advice on lures, and special travel ideas (like bowfishing!), feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out!