"5 Things to do in Panama City Beach This Weekend" over an aerial view of the beach

5 Things to Do in Panama City Beach This Weekend

There is an amazing selection of things to do in Panama City Beach along the coast. But with so many to choose, which is the best for the weekend? Here’s a list of some of the top attractions for anyone taking a vacation or just looking for something to do in PCB.

  1. Going To The Beaches

It’s impossible to talk about PCB without mentioning its beautiful white-sand beaches and crystal-clear water. Of all the things to do in Panama City Beach, this has to be number one. And while the wide stretch of coast is an incredible experience, you can make your weekend way more unique by taking a trip to Shell Island, just a short shuttle ride away from the beach. Not only is the Island secluded relative to the rest of the coast, but it is also covered with shells and sand dollars washing in directly from the Emerald Gulf. If this makes it into your vacation plans, make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen!

  1. Going Parasailing

If you like the water, but don’t like being that close to it, then Parasailing may be perfect for you! Combining both parachuting and boating, you’ll be able to experience constant flight over the beaches of PCB with full view of all the attractions. Not only that, but you might even be able to see a few dolphins if you look down! Since you can choose to go alone, or with some of your friends or loved ones, this experience is definitely near the top of things to do in Panama City Beach during your vacation.

  1. Going Deep Sea Fishing

While fishing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about all the things to do in PCB, for those in-the-know it’s listed as one of the main attractions! Panama City Beach has taken many initiatives to make fishing a luxurious experience during your vacation, creating and sustaining many natural and artificial reefs. This has resulted in an abundance of fish diversity, as well as fishing availability in all seasons! As you can imagine, this combined with the famously clear water of PCB results in one of the best activities available in the area!

  1. Taking a Dolphin Tour

Dolphin tours are always memorable, especially in Panama City Beach! Often times, the boats that take you out have sound systems and activities to partake in while you wait with your friends and family to see all the dolphins! Guided history tours are also generally included if you’re looking to learn a bit of the history for PCB and the rest of the coast. While you usually won’t be able to touch a dolphin from the boat, you get to see more of them since the captains know where they tend to be.

  1. Taking Out a Pontoon

Park your car and switch to a boat! Pontoons allow for some of the most unique and personal activities on the water. Take it out into the Gulf and you can have a raft to swim, fish, or snorkel from, as well as enjoy the view of all the attractions along the beaches. You could also bring it out to Shell Island yourself. You may even get to have a direct experience with a dolphin while in the water! Of all the ways to go about enjoying the plethora of activities in Panama City Beach, renting a pontoon will definitely lead to the most memorable experiences of your whole vacation!