Why Banana Boat Rides are Way More Fun than Video Games

Okay, we’re not even sure why this question got asked, but just in case there’s any confusion, we’re happy to share with you 10 reasons we’re sure your kids are going to want to put down the video game controllers, put on their swimsuits and head down to the beach for a memorable ride on one of our banana boats.
1. It’s hot and swimming in the hotel pool to cool off just doesn’t have the same heart-pounding action of a splashing banana boat ride
2. You’ve been looking for something fun to do that’s easily accessible at the beach. And since we accept reservations or walk-ups, we fit into a busy vacation schedule or are perfect for an impromptu adventure.
banana13. You’re on vacation. No one should sit around in their hotel room staring at a screen. Save the video games for a rainy day at home.
4. Video games are designed for one, maybe two people. Our banana boats can carry up to 8 riders, so they’re perfect for the whole family or a group of friends.
5. Unlike video games that require equipment, you don’t need to bring anything, but yourself. We have life vests that come in a range of sizes and fit kids as young as 4 years-of-age up to larger adults.
6. Playing video games can be serious business. A banana boat ride is nothing but fun, mixed with lots of laughter, and a whole heaping banana2helping of heart-pounding excitement.
7. Video games are rated by age, which means not everyone can play at the same time. We tailor our banana boat rides to your group. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush that gets your heart racing, a bouncing tour along the coast or something in between, we’ll be sure our experienced crew provides a safe and enjoyable ride for your whole group.
8. Let’s face it, playing the same game over and over may get you moving up the levels, but the background never really changes. When you’re riding a banana boat, you get to see the spectacular beauty of the Panama City coastline. Palm trees, beautiful beaches and the wind in your hair—now that’s an adventure!
9. Living creatures never walked out of video game. But you can be sure there will be lots of marine animals and sea birds on your ride. You may even get a chance to see some of the local bottlenose dolphins swimming in the crystal clear water of the Bay!
10. There’s no special skill required. You just put on your life vest, hop on the banana boat and hang on! Our professional staff pulls the inflatable boat behind one of our jet skis, guiding it out over the waves and taking you on a wild ride.


Have we convinced you? For your convenience you can book online now using Aquatic Adventures’ calendar feature, showing our rates and availability or stop by our location on Lighthouse Marina on N. Lagoon Drive and book your banana boat ride … waaaay more fun than a video game!