Water Sports in Panama City Beach

featuredThere’s no doubt Panama City has some of the most pristine beaches and beautiful coastline in the world. Spending the day enjoying the fresh ocean air, warm Florida sunshine and the tropical breezes can happen all year round. If you’re a beach lover, no doubt it’s the draw of the waves that calls to you and the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico is a water lovers paradise.

In Panama City Beach water sports aren’t just a way to fill a couple of hours—they’re a way of life. With guides, lessons and equipment available on site, being on vacation won’t stop you from enjoying nearly any water sport. Whether you’re looking to slow down and relax for a few hours or experience an adrenaline-pumping adventure, Aquatic Adventures is your one stop location for water sports fun! Check out just a few of the water sports we have available for you to enjoy:
Fishing Excursions: Want to fishingenjoy a few hours sight fishing, fly fishing or trolling around Shell Island? No problem. Our experienced guides not only know where the fish are biting, but what bait to use for the season. Looking for a bigger catch? Our boats will take you out to open water where you can battle giant grouper, dolphin or amberjack. We have trips available for individuals and small groups and all the equipment and licenses are included with our fee.
Paddle Boarding: A growing sport perfect for a couple’s afternoon or a family adventure. Our boards are designed for better buoyancy and stability and can easily hold the weight of a passenger or your picnic lunch. With a quick lesson, you’ll be on your way and enjoying a relaxing adventure on the ocean.
Banana Boat Rides: This fun activity is a great way banana boatto cool off for your whole group. Our inflatable banana boats are pulled by a jetski and hold up to 8 passengers. Whether you and the kids are looking for an exciting way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Panama City’s coastline or you want a heart pounding thrill ride, our experienced crew and professional staff will be sure you have a safe adventure.
Jetski Rentals: With a quick jetski2lesson from our experienced staff, you’ll soon be heading out over the waves creating your own adventure on the Gulf. Our jetskis hold two people and are perfect for a romantic trip out to Shell Island where you can enjoy a quiet afternoon in a secluded cove or parents can ride with a child for a memorable family day on the ocean. If you’re not comfortable venturing out on your own, one of our guides can show you some special beaches and our favorite spots for enjoying our wild population of bottlenose dolphins.
Sailboat Rentals: There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your hair as you splash across the water on one of our catamarans. Sitting only a few feet over the crystal clear waters of the Gulf, you and your passengers can enjoy watching dolphins, fish and other marine animals that live on the numerous reefs and shipwrecks of St. Andrews bay. Experienced sailors can be the captain of their own adventure. Never sailed before? No problem. One of our experienced crew will sail the boat while you and your friends enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.
Parasailing Rides: Nothing beats parasailingenjoying the scenic beauty of Panama City from a bird’s eye view. Our powerboats will take you and your family or friends out to St. Andrews Bay where you’ll experience an exhilarating parasailing ride. The experienced crew will have you harnessed in within minutes and a hydraulic winch will ease you into the air, lifting you high above the Gulf where you can enjoy miles and miles of scenic beauty in every direction. From this perspective you can see people walking the beaches of Shell Island, enjoy bottlenose dolphins frolicking in the surf and even fly along with coastal birds. Enjoy a solo ride or share the excitement with a friend with one of our tandem chutes.
Snorkeling Tours: If you’re looking to be completely immersed in the beauty of the Gulf, then a snorkeling tour is for you! Our experienced staff will show you how to use the equipment and help you explore the waters off Shell Island. With a diverse fish population to enjoy and one of the largest wild populations of bottlenose dolphin in the world, our snorkel tours may just be the most memorable part of Panama City Beach vacation.


So if water sports are your passion or you’re looking for a great vacation experience for your friends and family, give Aquatic Adventures a call today or use our handy calendar to book your thrilling water adventure!