Sailboat Rentals In Panama City Beach

Sailboat Rentals

When you want to be out on the ocean, with the wind in your face and the quiet rush of the waves in your ears, there’s nothing like a sailboat to carry you forward. But sailboat maintenance is expensive and time consuming, and if you’re traveling for vacation, it’s difficult to bring your boat along with you.

Sailboat rentals in Panama City Beach give you the enjoyment and freedom of sailing without the cumbersome work of sailboat ownership. At Aquatic Adventures, we offer rentals for the experienced boater that will let you be the captain of your adventure as you explore the breathtaking scenery of the Emerald Coast.

Our rental fee includes our 16′ Hobie Cat, with a trampoline large enough to accommodate four people. Unlike a traditional sailboat, which has a single hull, a catamaran’s two pontoons give additional stability in the water, and offer its passengers the feeling that they are flying over the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Traditional sailboats “heel” or tilt in the water up to 45 degrees, which can feel very unstable and scary. It also means that boats need to have a heavy keel protruding from under the boat, to keep them from tipping over.

Because of their two hulls, catamarans generally only heel no more than 10 degrees, so sailors and passengers feel more stable. Of course if you’re looking for more of a thrill ride, pulling the sail taut and running into the wind means you have the chance to fly a hull, gliding through the waves lifted high in the air.

Whether it’s a relaxing afternoon or an adrenaline rush you’re looking to experience, the catamaran is easy to maneuver and perfect for exploring the miles and miles of secluded sugar white beaches.

Anchoring offshore and lounging in the sun also tends to be more relaxing in a Hobie Cat. Where single hulled sailboats would be uncomfortably jouncy due to the waves and currents from other passing boats, catamarans tend to stay still and calm. With our affordable rates, you can enjoy sailing for a few hours or the whole day.

If you’re looking for a sailboat rental in Panama City Beach to enjoy with your family or you’re looking for a romantic sunset sail, there’s no place better than Aquatic Adventures.

Contact us today to schedule your rental! For your convenience you can book online now using our interactive calendar feature showing prices and availability. If your prefer, give us a call or simply stop by our location at Lighthouse Marina on N. Lagoon Drive in Panama City Beach, Florida for an adventure to remember!

16′ Sailboat Rentals up to 4 People

From USD $60.00


Have fun sailing the warm winds of the Gulf of Mexico on our 16 ft. catamaran by Hobie Cat. Easy to sail for the novice, yet with enough power and speed for even the most experienced sailor, the Hobie Cat makes for an enjoyable day on the water for everyone. Come enjoy a day of sailing with Aquatic Adventures.

Experience required. Accommodates up to four people.