Fireworks Dolphin Tour

There’s nothing more magical than seeing fireworks from a boat. All those explosions of color bursting in the sky and reflecting off the water, creating a mesmerizing display sure to enchant young and old alike. Combined with the thrill of watching our resident population of bottlenose dolphins and you’ve got a winning Independence Day celebration.

Aquatic Adventures offers sunset dolphin tours that will get you up close to one of the largest concentrations of wild bottlenose dolphin living off the shores of Shell Island. Our Captain will give you and friends or family a smooth ride through the pass and over the emerald-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, pointing out sights and areas of interest along the shores of Panama City Beach to the shallow waters of St. Andrews Bay. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Shell Island as the sun slips low in the west, painting the sky and water a blazing orange. Watch coastal sea birds glide to their nesting grounds, marine turtles and other marine life settle in for the night while bottlenose dolphin hunt and play. Marvel at the sight of a mother with her calf or the frolicking of dolphins as they leap and play in the surf.

And once the sun sets, we’ll anchor our boat in a prime location so everyone can enjoy the fireworks display from the comfort of our open deck.

July 3rd:

The boat will leave the dock at 7:30 and proceed to watch the fireworks behind boardwalk beach resort. Time of trip is solely dependent on how long the show lasts.

July 4th:

The boat will leave the dock at 7:30 and proceed to watch the Duelling fireworks being shot off from both the City and County piers. Time of trip is solely dependent of how long the show lasts.


Whether you’re a resident of Panama City Beach or visiting our beautiful city, these tours are a great family experience or a perfect date-night for you and your sweetheart. Stop by, give us a call or book your Fireworks Dolphin Tour online today – we have no doubt these exciting Independence Day dolphin tours will fill up quickly.