Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Team Aquatic Fishing Charters

Fully equipped fishing charters we provide all the gear, bait and tackle you need to bring home your own fresh catch! The only thing you need is sunblock, some polarized sunglasses, and a camera to help capture your aquatic adventure. Our sea worthy Captains, Harris & Chris will make sure you enjoy your private fishing charter and come back with some good salty sea tales and hopefully some dinner! Charters start as early as 5am and can run as late as 10pm.

– Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time to go over safety orientation, meet your captain, sign paper work and get fitted for life jackets.

*Location 5325 N. Lagoon Dr. Panama City, FL 32408*

➢ Bow Fishing​, 3 – 4 hr trip. $100 per hr. Boat can hold up to 6 ppl. (h2)

24 Ft. Pontoon geared for bow fishing! Night Trips! ​Enjoy the night life, with 13 high powered lights. You will be shooting a bow with an arrow attached to a string. You will be fishing for: stingray, flounder, mullet, cowray, sheeps head, black drum, blue crabs, bluefish​.
**4 hour Trip ​better for larger groups.


– What is Bow Fishing? Bow fishing is a method of fishing where the fisherman uses a specialized bow n arrow to shoot and retrieve fish. Fish are shot with a barbed arrow that is attached with special line to a reel mounted on the bow.
– Are special Arrows used? Yes, the arrows used in bow fishing are heavier and stronger that the arrows you use in hunting. These arrows also lack the fletching, do to it causing the arrow to flare to one side or another when underwater missing your fish.
– What type of line is attached to the arrow? Bow fishing line is often made from braided nylon, Dacron, or Spectra. Most bows are equipped with between 80 to 400 lb test, depending on what your fishing for.
– Is aiming the same as normal Bow hunting? The most difficult part of bow fishing is knowing where to aim. Due to the refraction of the lights on the water it optically distorts the location of the fish, if you aim right for it you will definitely miss. The key is too aim well below the fish to compensate for the optical illusion. The depth and distance to fish will also influence how far below the fish you want to aim. Common advice includes, “When in doubt, aim low, then aim lower.”
– What kind of boat are we fishing on? You will be going on custom build 24 ft pontoon boat equiped with high powered lights.

➢ Contender, OFFSHORE FISHING​ 4-12 hr trips available, $180 a hr. Boat can accommodate up to 6 ppl.

  • 4 hr Trolling trip. Fishing for spanish, king, bonita, bluefish. Will stay in bay or near the coast.
  • Minimum 6 hr Bottom Fishing Trip. Fishing for vermillion, snapper, red snapper, black snapper, porgy, triggerfish, amberjack, & red grouper
  • 8 – 12 Hr Bottom Fishing Trip. Fishing for vermillion, snapper, porgy, triggerfish, amber jack, red grouper, gag grouper, scamp, and lane snapper
  • 10 – 12 Hr Deep Water Fishing Trip. Catch all the above plus yellow edge grouper, tile fish, exotic snapper.
  • Sword Fishing Trip. 12 hr Trip $2200. 60 mile run to the De Soto Caynon to try your luck at an 800 to 1500 lb swordfish.
  • Blue Water Trolling. 30- 60 mile run to the war purple blue water in the middle of the Gulf. Fishing for mahi, tuna, wahoo and marlin. $2500

➢ PathFinder, Bay Fishing ​ ​$120 per hour, ​great for families or those who want to stay closer inland. This boat can accommodate up to 4 ppl.

  • 4 hr trolling trip near shore or in the Bay​. Will be fishing for spanish, king, bonita and bluefish. ​$480.00 plus TAX
  • 4 or 6 hr Bay Fishing throwing lures and live bait​, fishing for: trout, redfish, flounder, bluefish, lady fish, mangrove, snapper. ​$480.00 or $720.00 plus TAX
  • 6 or 8 hr Bottom Fishing.​ Stay within 9 miles of the beach (state waters). Fishing For vermillion, snapper, black snapper, amberjack, porgy, trigger fish, kings ​$720.00 or $960.00 plus TAX


Do we need fishing licenses? No. Your charter fee includes fishing licenses for your entire group. We take care of everything.
– Do we need our own fishing equipment? Absolutely not. We supply all of the specialized gear you’ll need to catch a boatload of fish. We also supply the knowledge and hands-on assistance when needed to help ensure you know what you’re doing so all you have to concentrate on is having fun.
– What DO we need? For fishing? Nothing. You’ll want to bring along a well-stocked cooler of your favorite food and beverages to enjoy while you’re out on the water. You may want a reserve cooler back on the docks to load your fish into when we get back. Other helpful items to bring on the boat include polarized sunglasses, a cap and sunscreen. Depending on the weather, you may want a backpack that contains some rain gear or a light jacket. Of course, don’t forget a camera. You’ll want plenty of photos during your trip.
– Is there an age limit for the charter boat? There is no age limit. Kids love our boat and the excitement of seeing all of the fish. Our air-conditioned cabin provides a safe and comfortable resting area if they get tired. It’s a great experience the entire family will enjoy during your stay in the area and one you’ll want to take again. Everyone is welcome on our Panama City fishing trips!
– How far will we be going on our Panama City fishing trip? Our inshore charters stay within sight of land for the entire trip. Our deep sea adventures can bring us from 10 to 20 miles offshore. We go where the fish are.
– What kind of fish will we catch? Depending on the season and what’s biting, we can troll for king mackerel, spanish mackerel and blues. When venturing out to the deep we like to target black grouper, red grouper, red snapper, trigger fish and amberjack by bottom fishing around the abundant wrecks and reefs. Part of the fun of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is the wide diversity of marine life that is eager to bite. Cobia, flounder, pompano and mahi-mahi may also decide your hook looks good and there’s always the possibility of a wayward shark!
– How long can we be on the water? You can choose four, six, eight, ten or twelve-hour trips. This gives you a number of options to choose from for your convenience. Please see above to see what types of fish we will be catching for the trip you choose
– Are the deposits refundable if the weather prevents a trip? Yes. We will refund the deposit if the weather is too bad to go fishing. The captain will always make this call in the interest of safety.
– Is it safe? Absolutely! Capt. Harris and Capt. Chris are the most respected operators on the Emerald Coast and Team Aquatic Charters is fully equipped with Coast Guard certified safety equipment and communications. Relax and enjoy the ride. You’re in good hands.
– What’s the best time to go fishing? In Panama City Beach, it’s always time to go fishing. We’re surrounded by some of the most productive waters in the gulf and there’s always fish biting somewhere.